1. Precision Macromolecules. Compared with conventional polymers, the precision macromolecules possess precisely-defined chemical structure and uniformed chain length. We are dedicated to exploring the unique self-assembly behaviors and molecular dynamics of the precision macromolecules, by taking advantage of chemical and/or bio- synthetic approaches.
  3. Macromolecules with Mesosized monomer. Chemists are good at connecting angstrom-sized monomers by chemical reactions such as polymerization, while machinery or handwork could process macroscopic objects. Manipulation of building blocks with length scale in between, that is meso-size scale, however is a grand challenge. We are working on developing modular and efficient approaches to fabricate macromolecules with meoszied monomer, such as molecular nanoparticles (fullerene, POSS), globular proteins, or colloidal nanoparticles.
  5. Optical Films. Optical films, such as optical compensation films, polarized films, optical rotators, are critical in the development of the next generation high quality displays, including liquid crystal display (LCD) and organic light-emitting diode (LED).